Basic Science primarily covers activities of engineering discipline from planning, designing and construction of buildings to development of water supplying structures. Basic Science industry also encompasses areas like soil and rock mechanics, surveying, material science and environmental science.

Besides designing, planning or construction of buildings, some other major application fields of Basic Science industry are management of residential and commercial buildings, transportation system, fields regarding water supplying activities, and environmental fields, which is basically studied for the maintenance and enhancement of quality of life. Basic Science specifically deals with the activities of designing and construction of structures like bridges, dams, harbors, canals, roads, tunnels, and water-supply systems, power plants, aircraft, water-treatment plants etc.

Basic Science has the potential to build a strong economy and so more multinational companies and engineers are showing their interests to be involved with this industry. With the development of society and because of technological advancement, demands of Basic Scienceg ativities are also increasing.

List of faculty member

Md. Solaiman Ali
Lecturer of Physics
Cell : 01714228756
E-mail : solaima1985@gmail.com
Md. Masum Shardar
B.Sc (R.U)
M.Sc (R.U)
Lecturer (Mathematics)
Akher Chawdhury
Lecturer of Mathematics
Cell : 01774-475242
E-mail : md.akher@gmail.com
Md. Professor Abdul Karim
Cell : 01716262906
E-mail : m.karim026@gmail.com
Md. Golam Rabbani
Lecturer of Chemestry
Cell : 01737-519433
E-mail : grani.rec@gmail.com
Md. Humayun Kabir
Cell : 01714228756
E-mail : mhkbi.rec@gmail.com
Md. shhadat hossen
Lecturer of Statistics
Cell : 01750-393038
E-mail : sahadatrec@gmail.com
Md. Anwar Hossain
Lecturer of Sociology
Cell : 01722328730
E-Mail : mahr.rec@gmail.com
Md. Obaidur Rahman
Lecturer of English
Cell : 01670136615
E-mail : tamim.eng@yahoo.com
Asha Rani Roy
Lecturer of Mathematics
E-mail : asha.math.ru@gmail.com
Imamul Haque
Lecturer of Mathmatics
Cell : 01723734509
E-mail : imamulmath.ru@gmail.com
Sabina Yesmin
Lecturer of Chemistry
Cell : 01783111200
E-Mail : sabina.iu@gmail.com